border collieand tabby cat sitting next to each other Tracie Hotchner the Radio Pet Lady
Oct 3

Cats Everywhere Should Thank Dr. Elsey

Thousands of cat lovers across America have been uplifted and entertained by the NY Cat Film Festival – which would never have existed if it weren’t for Dr. Bruce Elsey’s financial and spiritual support six years ago. Dr. Elsey’s was the Founding Sponsor and continues to make it possible every year as the sole sponsor,… Read more »

brown dog with cans of food
Sep 27

Dogs Deserve Weruva Too! Come to the Pooch Party for Yours!

For all these years I’ve been telling you that Weruva’s crazy delicious assortment of cat foods are my favorites – and not only because they are made in a human food factory of human-quality ingredients, but because cats can be picky eaters. And after all, we are here to serve them, right?! Well it’s high… Read more »

President Biden walking with 2 dogs
Sep 27

Somebody Stop the President’s Dog!!

How is it possible that nothing is being done about the dangerous young German Shepherd the Bidens bought two years ago – after they got rid of their previous German Shepherd, who himself bit people at the White House? Oh wait – maybe the problem isn’t the dogs who are the fundamental problem? Maybe it’s… Read more »

border collieand tabby cat sitting next to each other Tracie Hotchner the Radio Pet Lady
Sep 18

The Magic Fabric Throws Really Are Magical 

When I first learned about Magic Fabric pet throws, I realized that the couple who invented the fabric had created something unique that every dog and cat owner really needs: an attractive, chic way to protect their furnishings and clothes from their pets’ fur. That’s why I invited them to become sponsors of my show… Read more »

Aug 7

Cool Off Your Pup with Pumpkin “Gelato” 

Brought to you by Weruva The “dog days of summer” have lived up to their name this year – drastically so. There has been an unprecedented heat across America and around the globe, which has made life miserable for people  – but for those with dogs, especially. In many cities there has been little relief… Read more »