border collieand tabby cat sitting next to each other Tracie Hotchner the Radio Pet Lady
Nov 28

Giving Thanks – and Giving the Yummiest Meals to Your Dog

It’s that time of year when we reflect on what we have to be thankful for, and we try to do extra nice things for others…like our pets! In the spirit of the Thanking Season, I want to thank Weruva for their steadfast and generous sponsorship of my NPR show DOG TALK (and Kitties, Too!)…. Read more »

Apr 13

Why I Love Weruva (and the Formans who own it)

In 2006, I met David and Stacie Forman in the early months of starting their very own cat food company. At the time I had a weekly live call-in show on the Martha Stewart channel of Sirius/XM called “Cat Chat” and they called in with a question. They had heard me telling the audience that… Read more »

Feb 27

Why Your Cat is a Fussy Eater

Why Your Cat is a Fussy Eater Brought to You by Weruva Cats are commonly thought to be fussy eaters, which should not be true if you’re feeding your cat a nice wet meal twice a day. Which is how you should be feeding an obligate carnivore. (Please do not even get me started on… Read more »

Jan 30

What is Your Senior Cat Eating? 

What is Your Senior Cat Eating?  Sponsored by Weruva As cats age, their dietary needs can change in a number of ways. It’s time to reconsider what they are eating, especially if you have not been following my urgent recommendation to feed only wet food throughout any cat’s life for well-being and longevity. Here are… Read more »

Jan 9

Yes, You Can Kick Kitty Krack!

Sponsored by Weruva Yes, You Can Kick Kitty Krack! Let this be the year you stop feeding dry food to your cat! I’ve been begging devoted cat parents to do this for over a decade. You all know by now that I coined the phrase “kitty krack” to make it crystal clear that dry food… Read more »

Jun 21

Is Fish Good for Cats?

Is Fish Good for Cats? Many of us make a positive association between cats and “fish for dinner,” possibly because of cartoons we’ve seen that depict cats licking their whiskers with the skeleton of a fish they have completely consumed. Also, cat foods historically used fish when it was once a plentiful and inexpensive ingredient… Read more »

May 20

Why Kitten Food? Because Growing Babies Need It!

Why Kitten Food? Because Growing Babies Need It! Kittens need a lot of food — they need it frequently — and it should be high protein that is top quality. Growing bodies and brains need the best food you can provide. Kittens also need a high fat content in their food, and lots of moisture,… Read more »

Apr 27

Kitty Food Snobs Love Paté – the Good Kind

Kitty Food Snobs Love Pate – the Good Kind The gourmets of the feline world appreciate texture in their food, while also expecting top-notch ingredients. Paté is generally a crowd-pleaser for many cats,  who seem to enjoy the smooth experience of pate on their rough tongues. However , the more discerning Feline Foodies like their… Read more »

Jun 8

Is Your Kitty Dying for a Drink?

Is Your Kitty Dying for a Drink? (sponsored by Weruva) It’s summer. It’s hot. We all get thirsty, so drinking plenty of fluids is on our mind.  We think of drinking as something good, something to encourage, something we should do for our health. We grab for the bottle of water or sports drink. We… Read more »

Mar 14

Why Are Cats So Darn Picky?

Why Are Cats So Darn Picky? Cats tend to be super picky about their diets. Everybody knows this who has had to open three different cat food cans and watch their cat walk away with his nose in the air! One reason for pickiness comes from a cat’s early eating experiences — they will lean… Read more »