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DOG TALK® features Tracie’s interviews with authors, pet experts and animal welfare advocates from around the world, discussing practical and philosophical issues regarding our relationships with dogs, cats, other pets, wildlife and the natural world.

The show broadcasts from WLIW FM 88.3 in Southampton, the only NPR station on Long Island, reaching from the East End across Long Island into Southern Connecticut and Westchester.

The show’s theme song is “Mmm My Best Friend” by Sophie B. Hawkins from her album TIMBRE.

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“Angels Surround You” is Music for Kitties in Shelters

#890B: Sara Goldenthal is a professional jazz singer, composer and dedicated advocate for cats in shelters, who wrote lyrics and sang “Angels Surround You” (free on Spotify!) which has ambient music in the calming frequency of 528 Hz to soothe shelter cats.

Dogs Are Wicked Smart!

#890A: Jennifer Holland’s book “Dog Smart: Life-Changing Lessons in Canine Intelligence” takes a look at the “smartest of the smart” dogs who do extraordinary things for us with their natural abilities — and asks whether we shouldn’t be a little smarter in our dealings with them!

What Happens When a “Red Dog” Puts You in Court

#889B: Mike Gould runs K9 Behavior Experts and often gives testimony in court about dog aggression cases. He discusses what is meant by a “red dog” — an aggressive one — although he believes no dog is dangerous, it is how s/he is managed.

The Doctor Will See Your Pet Now — in Your Kitchen!

#889A: Dr. Amy Attas talks about her memoir “Pets and the City: True Tales of a Manhattan House Call Veterinarian” and how three decades of tending to the pets of the rich and famous in their fabulous apartments has made her deeply appreciate the human-animal bond.

A Brazilian Behaviorist Urges Empathy with Dogs

#888B: Luiza Cervenka is a PhD behaviorist in San Paulo, Brazil, who is teaching veterinarians and owners what dogs really need — and how to see and empathize with pain in dogs that affects their behavior.

The Tao of Equus — InterSpecies Communication

#888A: Linda Kohanov’s groundbreaking book is out in a revised edition — “The Tao of Equus: A Woman’s Journey of Healing and Transformation through the Way of the Horse,” which describes how thoughts and emotions are contagious between species.

Helping Animal Helpers Around the World

#887B: Karen Menczer is the Founder/Director of Animal-Kind International, dispensing grants to non-profits globally, often covering the salaries of shelter workers without whom animal rescue would not be possible.

Award-Winning Veterinarian Guiding His Own Pack of Beagles from Horseback

#887A: Dr. Treyton Diggs  is famous in the world of competition Beagles, where he’s an AKC judge of field trials and also competes with his own pack of 32 Beagles — which he has bred and raised himself and knows everybody’s name! Now he has won Veterinarian of the Year from the Westminster Kennel Club, which gave a $10,000 donation to Not One More Vet (NOMV) in his name.

Does Your Dog Need a Lawyer?

#886B: Kristina Bergsten, who runs The Animal Law Practice in Colorado [she can also practice in New York], talks about the kinds of situations where a lawyer specializing in animal law might be valuable when facing canine-related legal issues.

Dogs Have Hacked Into Us

#886A: What if in fact dogs are “running the show” and have gotten us to do what they want? Philosopher Michele Merritt has written “Minding Dogs: Humans, Canine Companions, and a New Philosophy of Cognitive Science” to explore her theory about how dogs read our minds all the time, if only we were open to seeing it.