Dr. Elsey’s “the litter cats love™”

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Dr. Elsey’s is privately owned by Dr. Elsey, who has his own cats-only veterinary clinic in Colorado. His mission has been to prevent out-of-litter-box problems with his own innovative litters to help keep cats in loving homes. Ultra litter is “the litter cats love” because it is unscented, dust-free, low-tracking, and hard-clumping, making it especially good for multi-cat families and those with sifting or mechanical litter boxes. Tracie has always recommended Cat Attract and Kitten Attract —as do many shelters and cat experts—because these litters have natural herbs that really do attract cats into the litter box.

photo of Dr. Elsey and his Cat Attract product Tracie Hotchner the Radio Pet Lady

“We put heart, soul and science into our products.”-Dr. Elsey

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