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Exotic Pets podcast

The show for people interested in pets that slither, hop, creep, fly or swim:  from bunnies to iguanas, parrots to ferrets, snakes to tortoises. Information on the physical requirements of these exotic pets and how to manage the often challenging environment and correct diet essential to their welfare.

Co-hosted by Dr. Doug Mader, author of “The Vet at Noah’s Ark: Stories of Survival from an Inner-City Animal Hospital,”who is a world-renowned specialist on exotic animals, author of four major veterinary textbooks on reptile and amphibians, and a passionate educator.

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Iguanas Have a Dark Side

#270: Dr. Doug says people buy a five INCH pet that becomes a five FOOT creature requiring 80% humidity and 80 degrees. In adolescence, when “in rut,” they can viciously attack their owners.

Anorexia in Exotics: What to do When They Won’t Eat

#269: Dr. Kohles says that a decrease in appetite in a small mammal can be a big deal. They are a prey animal and keep problems to themselves for survival. Ask everyone in the household to pay attention to changes in appetite and behavior.

The Whole Truth About Bearded Dragons

#268: Dr. Stacey Wilkinson teaches us that we don’t know as much as we think we do about Beardies, America’s most popular exotic pet!

Eh, What’s Up Doc? Your Bunny Needs More Than a Carrot!

#267: Dr. Karen Rosenthal describes the proper feeding of a bunny, which means getting the right hay from Oxbow Health and good quality pellets from Zupreem, to supply the fiber and grit necessary in a rabbit’s diet.

Don’t Let Your Small Fur Baby Get Chubby

#266: Dr. Micah Kohles suggests establishing a target weight for your small mammal, then getting a baby scale (even at a yard sale or on Craigslist) so you can tell if they are underweight or overweight.

Meet the Master Crocodilian

#265: Savannah is the resident Crocodilian at Gatorland in Orlando, with fascinating tales about crocs, especially the “albino” baby.

What Pet Has 8 Eyes & Hairy Legs?

#264: A tarantula! Dr. Doug Mader talks about the fascination of having 8 legs and 8 eyes peering out at you from behind the terrarium glass. These spiders can live 20-25 years!

On the Road Again — Travel with Little Mammals

#263: Dr. Micah talks about practicing beforehand if you’re planning on a trip with your exotic, especially get them used to the carrier by putting familiar objects in it. [Don’t use a soft-sided carrier because they will chew right through it!]

Geckos Will Steal Your Heart

#262: Dr. Doug Mader extols the virtues of geckos as perfect first reptiles because they can be as cute in real life as the Geico gecko on TV, with expressive faces (with eyelids) and charming personalities. Plus they can live 10 to 20 years!

Bunny Bonding Tips & Tricks

#261: Dr. Micah Kohles talks about how to add a 2nd bunny to your home. Slowly! Go to a shelter for a “bunny speed dating event” but still expect to spend months introducing them slowly. Once they are ready for a face-to-face introduction, the bathtub works great as a neutral territory [and it’s too slippery to get good traction to beat up the other bunny!]