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Tracie’s co-host is Dr. Mikel Maria Delgado of Feline Minds Cat Behavior Consulting, who has a PhD in Psychology from UC Berkeley, where she studied animal behavior and human-pet relationships, followed by postdoctoral research at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. She was co-author with Jackson Galaxy of the “Total Cat Mojo” and wrote the forthcoming book “Play with Your Cat!” Their mission is to educate and inspire cat lovers to give their kitty cats the best possible life in nutrition, affection, and environmental enrichment.

For 8 years, CAT CHAT ® was Tracie’s own weekly, live, call-in show on the Martha Stewart channel of Sirius-XM – until the channel was canceled. Since 2015 has been a weekly podcast sponsored by Dr. Elsey’s, who developed America’s #1 kitty litter and also created a healthy dry and canned food for kitties called cleanprotein™ inspired by a cat’s natural prey.

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Dr. Mikel Maria Delgado

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Why a Declawed Cat Can Become a “Dead-Ender

#172: Dr. Ron Gaskin in Minnesota talks about the revolutionary surgical reversal he has pioneered to relieve the pain and disfigurement of the feet of declawed cats. He and Tracie talk about the cruelty and suffering being imposed on cats by veterinarians still mutilating cats’ feet with declawing [although they know better] — and owners who don’t discover the harm done until their cats wind up as “dead enders” in “no kill shelters” where they are unadoptable because their suffering has caused them to bite and stop using a litter box.

The Two “NOT So Crazy” Cat Ladies

#171: Jae and Adrienne, The Crazy Cat Ladies, developed a “Cat symptom checker” which is an informational chart based on thousands of questions they have gotten from cat lovers about holistic, naturopathic treatments for feline problems.

A Lifetime Seen Through Cats Who Shared it

#170: Katie Haegele’s richly illustrated book “Cats I have Known” will remind you to reflect on the diversity of cats who have left their mark on your heart throughout your own life.

Don’t Give up on Your “Problem Cat” Like Ringo!

#169: Cat behaviorist Dr. Rachel Geller responds to the complaints of the owner of Ringo, but she and Tracie are sad to learn the owner didn’t wait to hear solutions to the problems before giving up on her kitty. Please ask for help before you reach your own “last straw” moment.

“Kitty Language: How to Talk Cat”

#168: Lili Chin has taken the research about how cats communicate with us (or how they try to but we are not listening!) — and with charming drawings and simple explanations has made it easy for us to “speak cat.”

Over 500 Episodes of Community Cats Podcast

#167: Stacy LeBaron talks about starting a podcast about TNR and feral cats years ago, when people barely knew what a podcast was — and how her work has grown.

The Man Who Built His House For His Kitty

#166: JJ Yosh Simon is famous for his exploits with Simon, the Bombay cat who swims, kayaks, snowboards, white water rafts, and rock climbs with him. So he built his house for Simon!

Got a Fat Cat? Megan the Cat Lady Has Advice

#165: Megan runs Basil’s Cradle Sanctuary and talks about helping many cats who were fat from eating “kitty crack” lose weight slowly and safely. She tells the sad but ultimately happy story of NeNe the Siamese — who went from 22 lbs. to 8 1/2 under her careful and loving care.

She Has Kept Over 1,000 Cats in Their Homes

#164: Cat behaviorist Rachel Geller offers free advice to cat owners in a “no judgment zone” where she works together with them to solve problems.

The WOW Factor for Cat Lovers

#163: Justice Le, owner of Doyen World, designs and creates unique cat toys with a “wow factor.” Her fetching catnip toys will be in the party bags at the Dr. Elsey’s’ Meow Party (October 20th) at the NYC Meow Parlour, and in the filmmakers’ gift bags at the 6th Annual NY Cat Film Festival on October 21st.