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CAT CHAT ® was Tracie’s own weekly, live call-in show on the Martha Stewart channel of Sirius-XM for 7 years – until the channel was canceled. Since 2015 it has been a weekly podcast carrying on her mission to educate and inspire cat lovers to optimize their relationship with their kitty cats by giving them the best possible nutrition and environmental enrichment.

Tracie’s frequent co-host is Dr. Mikel Maria Delgado of Feline Minds Cat Behavior Consulting and author of the new book Play With Your Cat! the Essential Guide to Interactive Play for a Happier, Healthier Feline.

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Dr. Elsey’s, who developed America’s #1 kitty litter and also created a healthy dry and canned food for kitties called cleanprotein™ inspired by a cat’s natural prey.


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There’s No Magic Wand with Cats

#205: Patience is the name of the game! Rachel Geller (her non-profit helping with cat behavior is All Cats, All the Time) talks about the patience required to change cat’s behavior and how she recently tried to help someone who was frustrated because the advice didn’t work in only three DAYS! Patience is needed to change behavior (both for the cat and the person!)

Has Your Kitty Lost a Little Something Off Her Fast Ball?

#204: Starr Cameron talks about feline dementia and the research she’s been doing to understand a cat’s mental decline as she ages and how we can handle it.

Archie the Attack Kitten!

#203: Tracie helps Bonnie to think differently about why her 9-month-old kitten Archie stalks and bites her — and ways she can redirect that energy.

Why Did You Bring me Kitten?!

#202: Cat behaviorist Dr. Mikel Maria Delgado discusses the cons (and some pros) of introducing a new kitten to your resident cat, who may be older, frail, and not interested in playing, much less rough housing.

Is Your Kitty a Good Retriever?

#201: Jemma Forman did a study in England on cats who fetch and made some surprising discoveries.

“Single Kitten Syndrome”

#200: Mikel Maria Delgado (author of “Play With Your Cat!”) discusses the importance of play for kittens, especially up to four months of age. Is it best to have two kittens to burn off their limitless energy with each other — instead of letting them chase and bite your toes?!

Cats are the Great Secret Keepers

#199: Dr. Tracey Deiss is a “cat-vocate,” and as part of the Zoetis professional team she is enthusiastic about the new anti-anxiety medication for cats called Bonqat — which relieves stress and anxiety for cats, especially when going for a visit to the veterinarian.

Cat Crafting — Turn a Cardboard Box into a Kitty Playland

#198: Cats love boxes to play and hide in. Dr Mikel Maria Delgado talks about the ecological and financial benefits of repurposing a simple box into a highly desirable cat hangout.

Say what?! Your cat peed WHERE?!

#197: Luke Hollenbeck is a cat interpreter, helping people understand why cats pee on their pillow, in their shoes or in their laps! Cats don’t need privacy to eliminate, they need safety.

How to Hack Your Old Cat Tree

#196: Mikel Maria Delgado talks about the importance of vertical space and how a cat tree is central to a cat’s need to feel safe – but just like in real estate remember what matters: location, location, location.