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CAT CHAT ® was Tracie’s own weekly, live call-in show on the Martha Stewart channel of Sirius-XM for 7 years – until the channel was canceled. Since 2015 it has been a weekly podcast carrying on her mission to educate and inspire cat lovers to optimize their relationship with their kitty cats by giving them the best possible nutrition and environmental enrichment.

Tracie’s frequent co-host is Dr. Mikel Maria Delgado of Feline Minds Cat Behavior Consulting and author of the new book Play With Your Cat! the Essential Guide to Interactive Play for a Happier, Healthier Feline.

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Dr. Elsey’s, who developed America’s #1 kitty litter and also created a healthy dry and canned food for kitties called cleanprotein™ inspired by a cat’s natural prey.


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A Baby Scale: the Secret to a Healthy Cat

#182: Dr. Mikel Maria Delgado recommend getting a baby scale and weighing your cat regularly as a “health tracker” to note weight loss or gain, the impact of feeding changes, and even as an early warning of Hyper-T, a common treatable thyroid condition.

Meet the Cat Where He is At

#181: Cat Behavior & Retention Specialist Rachel Geller praises the patient efforts of the man who adopted a super shy cat, Puma and gave the cat the time and space she needed to come out of her shell at her own pace.

A Heated Outdoor Feral Cat House

#180: Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins felt so bad for her feral porch cats — Tux and Boris — in the minus 13 degree weather in Idaho that she ordered a heated outdoor cat house for them, not even knowing if they would dare to go in it. Tux the tuxedo cat immediately took up residence! {Maybe your feral kitties need one if your climate is really cold, too?]

How to Know When Your Cat Needs “Kitty Prozac”?

#179: Does you cat exhibit symptoms of stress and anxiety like over-grooming to the point of bald spots, or episodes of sudden intense aggression? Dr Mikel Maria Delgado discusses when to talk to your veterinarian about behavior medication [psychopharmaceuticals], after your vet has thoroughly checked your cat for any health issues which could be impacting behavior.

Protect Your Kitty From Bugs & Worms

#178: Dr. Casey Locklear discusses how Revolution Plus is a once-monthly topical you put on the back of your cat’s neck that is an all-around protectant to keep her safe from ticks, fleas, ear mites, hookworms, roundworms, and the untreatable heartworm — and has been doing so safely for over 20 years.

Put Your Cat in the Movies

#177: Dr. Jennifer Conrad tells about how people can make a donation to put their cat in the credits of the upcoming documentary film “American Cats: The Good, The Bad, and The Cuddly,” that supports The Paw Project to help end declawing.

Get Those Kitties Back Home!

#176: Corrine Bourgoin — the adoption supervisor and shelter operations manager at MSPCA Boston — talks about why she has achieved a “return-to-owner rate” that is 10 times higher than rest of U.S.

Put Your Cat’s Nose to Work!

#175: Hanna Fushihara works with cats and their people online at, to create an olfactory treasure hunt for kitties. Be amazed at how enriching your cat’s life deepens your understanding and love of them.

You Can Wear Your Kitty’s Whiskers!

#174: Jen Glick makes jewelry from whiskers and fur, but not only from pets who have passed away. If you find a shed whisker from your kitty, the Whisker Lady can transform it into jewelry.

Cats Only Meow at People

#173: Sarah Brown’s book “The Hidden Language of Cats — How They Had Us at Meow” is filled with astonishing truths about kitties’ unique communication with us, not the least of which is that they don’t meow at each other!