Pet Food Advisors™

Wondering what you should be feeding your dog or cat? Confused by all the choices? Is raw really best? Or does it pose health hazards? What should you know when deciding which commercial food to feed? Do dogs and cats need supplements? This show gives pet parents essential nutrition information so they can make their own decisions about how to feed their four-legged family members.

The first 44 episodes of Pet Food Advisors were co-hosted by Dr. Sean Delaney, BS, DVM, MS, DACVN, a Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionist and founder of the food and supplement company Balance IT.

Dealing with Dogs who are Picky Eaters

#7051: Lucy Postins from The Honest Kitchen continues her discussion with Tracie about her book FOOD OBSESSED: THE HONEST KITCHEN’S COMPLETE GUIDE TO A HAPPIER, HEALTHIER LIFE FOR THE PUP YOU LOVE with the chapter “Mealtime Misgivings,” which is about dogs who are picky eaters and how to perk up their appetites, grappling with fat dogs and dealing with food sensitivities.

Delicious Recipes for You and Your Dog

#7046: Brandon Schulz COOKING FOR TWO: YOUR DOG AND YOU: DELICIOUS RECIPES FOR YOU AND YOUR FAVORITE CANINE. Brandon’s dog Chase was a street mutt in Capri, Italy and made his way back to Brooklyn with Brandon more than 10 years ago. The recipes in the book are simple, all-American and will appeal to young children as well as four-legged kids.

All About Crude Protein

#7054: Ryan Yamka (PhD, MS, MBA, FACN, PAS, Dipl ACAS) talks about crude protein—what it means, how it’s measured. He is a companion animal nutritionist who studied protein and amino acids in canine nutrition for his graduate degrees and has worked for many top pet food companies. He co-authored the macronutrients section in the major textbook Small Animal Clinical Nutrition 5th edition.

What Happens After Canned Pet Food Recall

#7052: Pet food recall on canned food? What happens next when there is a suspicion something is wrong with a particular pet food because pets have gotten sick? Mary Emma Young from the Pet Food Institute –– whose members make up 98% of U.S. pet food and treat products — discusses the “next steps” in testing and who takes charge of the situation in doing detective work and handling public information.

Lucy Postins (Honest Kitchen) on Book: Dog Obsessed

#7050: Lucy Postins, the guiding light behind The Honest Kitchen pet food company, talks about her new book DOG OBSESSED: THE HONEST KITCHEN’S COMPLETE GUIDE TO A HAPPIER, HEALTHIER LIFE FOR THE PUP YOU LOVE. Tracie has been feeding all her dogs the Honest Kitchen’s dehydrated whole food formulations since Lucy first made them decades ago and describes them as “a super food smoothie with phyto nutrients.” Here’s the Rodney Habib TED talk “Why Don’t Dogs Live Forever” ( that Lucy mentions during the conversation.

Diet, Supplements to Reduce Dog’s Arthritic Pain

#7048: Veterinary pain specialist Dr. Mike Petty (author of DR. PETTY’S PAIN RELIEF FOR DOGS) discusses diets and supplements that may —– or may not — have added value in helping mitigate a dog’s arthritic pain. And the value of omega-3 fatty acids in the diet of younger dogs as a preventive against developing arthritis.

Feeding Your Dog a Whole Chicken, Bones and All?

#7049: Can you feed your dog a whole chicken, bones and all? Dr. Greg Martinez talks about the ease of putting a small fryer in a crock-pot with some vegetables and 18 hours later crumbling up the bones and giving your dog a healthy feast. Home cooking is a big part of his new book THE DOG DIET ANSWER BOOK: THE COMPLETE NUTRITION GUIDE TO HELP YOUR DOG LIVE A HAPPIER, HEALTHIER, AND LONGER LIFE and he and Tracie discuss how to eliminate dry food from your dog’s diet and replace it with canned food and/or dehydrated food, then supplement it with some occasional tasty home-made feasts.

Create Balanced Home-Prepared Meals For Dogs

#7047: Rick Woodford, TheDogFoodDude, discusses his recipe book CHOW and how he devised balanced home prepared meals for dogs. Tracie especially liked his recipe for a treat he calls “fish swimming in circles,” which involves putting dried fish or fish skins into a box of cheerios, which then take on the fishy flavor.

Treating Allergic Dogs with Chinese Medicine

#7045: Holistic veterinarian Dr Judy Morgan — and author of the book WHAT’S FOR DINNER, DEXTER? — talks about Chinese medicine theory as it applies to food and how in her holistic vet practice she has cured or significantly improved 80% of dogs with allergies using these nutrition theories. Her book includes many recipes using ingredients that are exotic to us (alligator, beef heart, radishes!) that the Chinese have been using for centuries to improve health.

Wrong Ingredients Can Cause Allergic Reactions

#7044: Dr. Sean speaks to the concern about where there are different proteins in pet food than what it says on the label. While this can cause problems for food allergic animals, it helps to understand that vet RX food includes a thorough cleansing of machinery of all ingredients, whereas there can be cross-contamination in “over the counter” pet food which is made on the same equipment for runs of different recipes containing different proteins.