Oxbow Animal Health

If you share your life with a small mammal, then you should know that there is one brand that has stood out for more than 30 years as the leader in health and wellness: Oxbow Animal Health. Veterinarians, rescues, and passionate pet parents worldwide trust Oxbow to support the health and happiness of their small pets.  Oxbow provides everything needed for the best life for rabbits and guinea pigs, ferrets and chinchillas, hamsters and gerbils, mice and rats – because these small pets have big hearts and require special nutrition and care.  Oxbow has the right hay and nutritionally complete foods – treats and supplements – litter and bedding – and a whole line of enrichment products created so your little loved ones can chew, play, hide and explore every day. 

Oxbow Animal Health - Est. 1980

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Product Image - Oxbow Western Timothy
Product Image - Oxbow Essential Adult Rabbit
Product Image - Oxbow Enriched Life Birthday Party Pack