President Biden walking with 2 dogs

How is it possible that nothing is being done about the dangerous young German Shepherd the Bidens bought two years ago – after they got rid of their previous German Shepherd, who himself bit people at the White House?

Oh wait – maybe the problem isn’t the dogs who are the fundamental problem? Maybe it’s the President and his wife, who repeat bad choices and then take no responsibility for the harm and fear inflicted by their out of control dogs.

Yesterday marked the President’s dog’s ELEVENTH BITE to Secret Service agents and others at the White House.

When will it be enough to inspire them to restrain, remove and rehome that dog?

Can it be possible that Joe Biden and his wife Jill are both so selfish and irresponsible that they do nothing at all to protect the people around them from a vicious dog who is their responsibility?

Can it be possible that no one surrounding them has the courage or intelligence to speak up and point out the obvious: the dog has to go!

To add insult to injury, all the Bidens say in each and every bite attack is how much they appreciate the Secret Service protecting them.

What rubbish! It is insulting to the dignity and challenges of the job of being a Secret Service agent to not even acknowledge the jeopardy they have created with their dog.

How about the Bidens protect the Secret Service from their own completely indefensible choice and management of a pet dog – who is a clear and present danger to one and all?

Here is a segment on DOG TALK that I did two weeks ago- two weeks before this week’s most recent attack.


848B: Dog trainer Annie Phenix (author of “Positive Training for Aggressive and Reactive Dogs”) discusses the apparent ignorance of President and Jill Biden about what is acceptable canine behavior — since they now have a second German Shepherd that is repeatedly biting Secret Service members and other staff at the White House.