brown dog with cans of food

For all these years I’ve been telling you that Weruva’s crazy delicious assortment of cat foods are my favorites – and not only because they are made in a human food factory of human-quality ingredients, but because cats can be picky eaters. And after all, we are here to serve them, right?!

Well it’s high time I told you that their dog foods in cans and pouches are equally diverse and delicious and even if dogs are rarely as picky as cats, shouldn’t we reward their easy going attitude to food?

If your dog’s dinnertime is kind of blah – the Same Old, Same Old at every meal – now is the time to bring out the culinary oompah band!

If you haven’t seen the sparkle of gratitude in your dog’s eyes in quite some time when you put down her food bowl …if you haven’t seen her lips curl up in a smile of appreciation as you’re preparing her meal…then tear open a pouch of Weruva’s Dogs in the Kitchen. If your dog is a little one, that can be her whole meal. If your pooch is larger, then cover her usual food with one of the Wonders of Weruva. You can watch Doggy Delight happen right in front of you as her face breaks into a big foolish grin!

Want to get some Weruva to try? Come to the Pooch Party at Boris & Horton’s dog-friendly cafe on Saturday October 21st from 6-8 PM and you’ll have Weruva dog food in your deluxe doggy sWag bag (stuffed with way more than $50 worth of good stuff)! There will be light bites and a drink for humans, tasty treats for the attending pooches, the.Green Carpet photo op, and a costume competition with a winner’s prize (for those who want to try out their Halloween costumes for the following week!), and an autographed copy of Pilley Bianchi’s gorgeous new book “For the Love of Dog,” and a VIP ticket to the 8th Annual NY Dog Film Festival the following day (Sunday October 22nd at Noon at the Village East theater). The party is also a fundraiser for Muddy Paws Rescue which gets 50% of every $50 ticket.

Premiere of the 8th Annual NY Dog Film Festival

Sunday October 22nd at 12 noon at the historic Village East theater at 2nd Avenue and 12th Street. It is a medley of two hours of short films – animated, documentary and narrative – from around the world, about all the ways we love dogs. This will be the only New York area screening in 2023-2024!

To buy tickets, see the list of films and watch the trailer follow THIS LINK. 10% of every ticket sold goes to our non-profit beneficiary – Muddy Paws Rescue.