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The “dog days of summer” have lived up to their name this year – drastically so. There has been an unprecedented heat across America and around the globe, which has made life miserable for people  – but for those with dogs, especially. In many cities there has been little relief from the heat even in the evenings, which means dogs aren’t getting out much to have fun! In many places you cannot take your dog for a walk that is anything more than a potty break – and they still come back indoors panting with hot tootsies. 

Keep a Bowl of Cold Water at Your Doorstep

Speaking of hot paws, please do not walk your dog on any asphalt or cement surface that you cannot hold your own plan on for a count of five.It can actually burn your dog’s paw pads!  Even if you have somewhere to walk your dog that is not a hard surface you still need to limit the amount of time you take your dog outside. Dogs have no pores in their skin so they cannot sweat to lower their body temperature.. Your dog’s pads are the only way she has to get rid of her body heat, along with panting. The ground absorbs heat all day. which is why walking for any amount of time on hot surfaces makes it even more difficult for her to discharge her body heat. Having a little tub with cold water for her to step in after even a short walk gives some relief.

Make “Pumpkin Gelato” Cubes!

A fun way to cool a dog down (and give her some stomach-soothing ingredients at the same time) is to give her a healthy frozen treat. Take a pouch of Weruva’s Pumpkin Patch Up and mix it with one cup of plain Greek yogurt. Stir them together and fill little ramekins with the mixture – or use an old-fashioned ice cube tray (or plastic holders to make healthy popsicles for children) – and put in the freezer until hard. When you get back from one of your very short hot walks, pop one of those Pumpkin gelatos into your dog’s dish – she may not be sure at first what it is, but you will see a smile on her face  once she gets the hang of nibbling or gobbling this cooling treat.

Kitties, Too!

Try some “Pumpkin Gelato” on your pussycat, too. Cats are more finicky than most dogs, but they can benefit from this cooling, stomach-soothing pumpkin yogurt mixture, too.  

There is more Info on preventing and treating heat stroke in dogs and cats in my books THE DOG BIBLE: Everything Your Dog Wants You To Know and THE CAT BIBLE: Everything Your Cat Expects You to Know.