Vivamune Supplement Helps the Skin of Rummy’s Beach Club Swimmers

Lisa is the head lifeguard (i.e. the owner!) of the amazing Rummy’s Beach Club in Spring, Texas, where dogs come to swim in a big special warm pool with their people. Lisa was eager to offer samples of the same Vivamune supplement my Maisie gobbles twice a day, which has made her shed much less.

Lisa reported, “The clients that took the samples loved the packaging, were excited about the coupons they sent us, said their dogs loved the taste of them and a few wanted to know where to go to buy them because their dogs like them so much. Personally, I have 6 dogs — 4 are geriatric dogs. Not only have I noticed a decrease in shedding, I noticed an increase in the beauty and softness of their coats, more energy overall and quick healing of their skin after injuries. I love giving them to my dogs and my dogs love getting them. Thank you again for including me in their sample program.

It’s such a pleasure for me to introduce curious and open-minded dog lovers to the products I’ve found help my own dogs — and learn they have the same great experience as I did. (Now it remains to be seen how I can get down to Texas with Maisie and try some of the Rummy’s Beach Club for ourselves!)

—Tracie Hotchner

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