The Dog Film Festival — a Dream Come True!

When you hear “Dog Film Festival” what do you envision it might be like? Would you imagine a Gala Premiere cocktail party with dogs welcome on a Green Carpet with professional photographers the night before? Would you envision spending a whole day seeing a banquet of short films celebrating the remarkable bond between dogs and their people — sitting in a luxurious theater at Symphony Space on New York’s Upper West Side, surrounded by 764 other dog-loving audience members? Instead of having to choose which films to see (as in most film festivals), what if the Dog Film Festival was one big banquet of short films from around the world — animated, narrative and documentary — all served to you as one continuous experience of more than two hours (with an intermission!) of dog-centric entertainment? What if it was like one of those restaurants where instead of having to study a menu and guess at what to order — in the hope you’re choosing something good — that you get a tasting menu, the Chef’s Choice, leaving you open to adventure and surprise? And what if you could binge on your love for dogs and film and there was a second completely different program of dog-themed short films you could enjoy a couple of hours later?!

All this is going to be a reality, my dog-loving friends! The New York Dog Film Festival is my dream come true, and can be for you, too, on October 3rd in New York City. The night before is the gala Pooch Party and heartfelt thanks go to Halo, Purely for Pets, that has helped to make this dream a reality as a top tier sponsor of the Festival. Halo truly understands the power of film to express positive values about animals in shelters. On Saturday October 3rd there will be two Shorts Programs of canine-themed films, with 40 amazing films divided between the two programs, edited into a smorgasbord of artistic depictions of our relationships with our canine companions. You won’t want to miss the joy, amazement and amusement you’ll experience from the whole experience — so be prepared to buy tickets to both programs (seating is numbered and reserved) and settle in! It’s a great family event, too since the films are all appropriate for children of any age. If you want to have the ultimate experience, splurge and get a $150 Founding Member ticket that entitles you to the super fun Pooch Party on Friday October 2nd, a high value doggy swag bag (full of goodies from Halo!) at the party, and a VIP entrance at the theater and reserved seats for both shorts programs on Saturday the 3rd.

See you at the movies! (Catch a sneak sneak peek at what’s in store!)


—Tracie Hotchner

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