Practice Counting Your Dog’s Toes

#6116: Tracie wonders why many dogs are so scared in the veterinarian’s office, while her own dogs love it there. Carol talks about acclimating your dog to the vet clinic by first getting the dog used to being handled — by you and then family members and friends — by opening his mouth, lifting his ears, and counting his toes out loud, one by one, touching each one as you go. Then take your puppy or newly adopted dog to the vet’s office without an appointment — give lots of treats, have an upbeat positive attitude yourself. Carol recommends advocating for your dog with the staff about the way they handle him, especially if he has a “nervy” personality and is cautious about new experiences, is generally anxious, or hates being restrained. And NEVER let them take your dog “to the back,” away from you to administer anything.