Good Dogs!™

This show explores all aspects of communication between people and dogs — whether they are K-9 partners in military work, purpose-bred and trained service dogs, competitors in dog sports, or pets — from a newly-adopted senior dog to a young puppy.

Tracie’s co-host, Carol Borden, is the Founder/Director of Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs, which are purpose bred and trained as working dogs.The show’s philosophy is that dog training is people training: people need to understand dogs from the canine perspective so they can live and work together harmoniously.

Theme song “My One Best Friend” by Jasmine Tea.

NOTE: The first 77 GOOD DOGS! shows in the library were co-hosted by Tracie with three veteran trainers — Gayle Watkins, Lise Pratt and Marcy Burke — who bred agility performance Golden Retrievers.

Hosted By:
Tracie Hotchner
Carol Borden

Is Your Dog a Scaredy Cat?

#6115: Carol Borden discusses how to handle a dog who is fearful and mitigate his discomfort with whatever frightens him, like noises, new places or people, sensations, other animals, cars, stairs, etc. She recommends breaking down into small pieces whatever causes your dog to be fearful — taking baby steps and patiently introducing one piece at a time of the thing that makes them scared.