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DOG TALK® features Tracie’s interviews with authors, pet experts and animal welfare advocates from around the world, discussing practical and philosophical issues regarding our relationships with dogs, cats, other pets, wildlife and the natural world.

The show broadcasts from WLIW FM 88.3 in Southampton, the only NPR station on Long Island, reaching from the East End across Long Island into Southern Connecticut and Westchester.

The show’s theme song is “Mmm My Best Friend” by Sophie B. Hawkins from her album TIMBRE.

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Earth Animal is Everything a B-Corp Should Be

#820B: Stephanie Volo, the Chief Impact Officer at Earth Animal, explains what it means for her company to become certified as a B Corp and “use business as a force for good, benefiting all.”

Robo the Tracking Dog Returns

#820A: Margaret Mizushima’s newest Timber Creek K-9 mystery “Standing Dead” has plot twists and turns you won’t expect as it celebrates the relationship between working dog and handler.

NIH Funded the University of Iowa to Feed Dogs to Sand Flies

#819C: Justin Goodman of the Whitecoat Waste Project reveals yet another grotesque, cruel and unnecessary NIH-funded animal experiment in which the University of Iowa was a partner. They attached plastic cups filled with biting sand flies to the ears and flanks of abandoned hounds — essentially feeding the dogs to flies — then killed the dogs as part of the experiment. Some of the experimentation was farmed out to Tunisia — a common NIH dodge of US animal protection laws being to ship overseas what would be illegal with US animal protection laws.

The British Declared Wellbeing as a Right for All Animals

#819B: Zazie Todd (author of “PURR” and “WAG”) explains the Cambridge Declaration of Consciousness which was published in the UK in 2012. It applies the concept to all animals that they have emotions, awareness of their surroundings and need to have positive experiences. Tracie asks how the US could be so far behind in acknowledging animal sentience and incorporating animal welfare as a component of basic moral decency.

Black Veterinarian Owns 3 Clinics in Atlanta

#819A: Dr. Charles McMillan owns not just one but three GoodVets clinics in Atlanta. He talks about the advantages (in an almost 50% Black city) of offering veterinary care in neighborhoods where his clients live, he looks like them, and they feel valued and welcome.

2 Crazy Cat Ladies

#818C: Jae & Adrienne are the 2 Crazy Cat Ladies whose informational website and products they developed are designed to improve the lives of kitties everywhere.

Humans, Not Cats, Are the Greatest Threat to Other Species

#818B: Andrew Rowan, President of Wellbeing International, talks about the battle between wildlife conservation biologists and animal protectionists when the real problem is humans — who have historically threatened, and often exterminated — entire species of animals.

Compassion for Veterinarians

#818A: Joseph Hahn, Executive Director at Companion Animal & Equine Professional Services at Merck, talks about his personal journey from a dark place as a veterinarian practicing Emergency medicine, to the supportive environment at Merck, where they have underwritten 3 years of “Clear Blueprint” for Not One More Vet (NOMV) to instill compassionate working conditions for veterinarians and staff everywhere.

One Woman’s Holistic Pet Store Famous for its Integrity

#817C: Tracie wants to know Johnna Devereaux’s secret in becoming renowned in the pet industry for Fetch RI, her one-off boutique shop in Rhode Island where people flock for her nutrition and wellness advice and personally curated products.