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DOG TALK® features Tracie’s interviews with authors, pet experts and animal welfare advocates from around the world, discussing practical and philosophical issues regarding our relationships with dogs, cats, other pets, wildlife and the natural world.

The show broadcasts from WLIW FM 88.3 in Southampton, the only NPR station on Long Island, reaching from the East End across Long Island into Southern Connecticut and Westchester.

The show’s theme song is “Mmm My Best Friend” by Sophie B. Hawkins from her album TIMBRE.

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Debunking Pet Nutrition Myths

#853B: Nationally acclaimed pet nutrition expert Ryan Yamka debunks myths about pet foods — particularly that “senior” foods and “keto diets” have no basis in nutrition science, says the man who in 2020 won the Pet Science Pet Industry Disruptor Award.

The Hidden Language of Cats

#853A: From England, Sarah Brown talks about her newest book “The Hidden Language of Cats: How They Have us at Meow” and how cats actually only meow to people, not other cats!

Antelope Pets Amasses a Pet Wellness Portfolio

#852B: Wendy Wen talks about being a woman entrepreneur in the pet industry, carefully buying brands like Bocce’s Bakery, Ark Naturals, and Super Snouts to infuse them with venture capital and help them grow to the next level, while retaining the original founders and team behind those companies.

Biden’s Dog Troubles Are Bigger Than the (Way too Many) Bites

852A: Widely respected political author and columnist Matt Bai talks about his recent opinion piece in the Washington Post entitled “Master and Commander: Biden’s Dog Troubles Hint at a Larger Problem,” about the multiple uncontrolled biting attacks by Biden’s German Shepherd Commander, which Tracie views as irresponsible and immoral dog ownership and which Bai views as the danger and seduction of entitlement that can come with sitting in the Oval Office.

Does Your Dog Want to be a Movie Star?

#851B: Peta Hitchens in Australia talks about her movie “Filming Dogs” that will be in the upcoming 8th Annual NY Dog Film Festival, and the question she asks herself and others who have performing dogs: “Do they really want to be doing this or are you doing it for yourself?”

Your Dog is an Undiscovered Genius!

#851A: Pilley Bianchi talks about her book “For the Love of Dog” and growing up as the “sibling” of the world’s most brilliant dog — Chaser — who knew over 1,000 words. She encourages everyone to “use their dogs’ brilliant minds to play,” and magnify our bond and appreciation of them.

Love Poems by Cats [Snarky, just as you’d expect]

#850B: Francesco Marciuliano has written “Oh. It’s You. Love Poems by Cats,” another hilarious collection of poems inspired by (and theoretically penned by) his own cultured kitties. He is giving a copy as a gift to everyone who buys tickets for the Meow Party, as well as to the filmmakers coming to the 6th Annual NY Cat Film Festival premiere.

“Nine Lives and Alibis”

#850A: Cate Conte is back with another cozy kitty-infused mystery, this time with ghosts, a psychic, and deaths in a haunted house on Halloween.

A Dog-Centered Thriller for the Dog Film Festival Filmmakers

#850C: Lynn Hightower, the author of the thriller “A Beautiful Risk” — which is also a book about loss and grief — talks about how this book morphed into her column on grief for Psychology Today. [She generously bought copies of her book for the doggy swag bags for the filmmakers coming to the NYC premiere of the 8th Annual NY Dog Film Festival.]

Dogs As Movie Monsters

#849B: Brian Patrick Duggan talks about his innovative new book, “Horror Dogs: Man’s Best Friend as Movie Monster,” and the years of research and passion that went into unearthing all the movies ever made in which dogs are depicted as you’ve never thought of them before: as “man’s scariest” friend.