Seriously?! Spiced Pumpkin Latte for Dogs & Cats?

Just when I thought I had heard every good idea for pet treats, my good pals at Weruva came up with the all-time tastiest healthy functional treat. It’s a spiced pumpkin latte which is literally spiced with ginger and turmeric, both stomach-settling spices. The best part is not only that it’s wicked good for your dog or cat, but it’s super easy to whip up with ingredients you can have on hand in the cupboard year round.

I always keep a stash of pouches of Pumpkin Patch-Up on my shelf to keep my dogs’ tummies at their best. Pumpkin is nature’s remedy for balancing the digestive system, and Weruva has been putting pumpkin in many of their foods for years for that reason. Then they came out with Pumpkin Patch-Up in a pouch to add to whatever you might be feeding for optimal digestion — or to give as a separate snack to calm down rumbly tummies. There are three versions of the pumpkin pouches, but the one with ginger and turmeric is what gives a little taste kick (and functional digestive benefit) to make a truly Spiced Pumpkin Latte. It means you can turn a pouch of Pumpkin Patch-Up into a tasty beverage treat anytime. Here are the recipes:

Weruva dog latte recipe 350w Because some dogs and cats are lactose intolerant and cow’s milk can actually upset their stomachs, Weruva’s recipes call for goat milk. However, that is something many of us cannot easily find in a supermarket. Plus, having to go on a shopping expedition to find goat milk takes away the instant gratification of being able to reach for two containers on your shelf and turn them into a Fall Delight for your pets.

Instead of hunting for goat milk, or hoping cow’s milk won’t cause stomach woes for your pets, I recommend pairing your Pumpkin Patch-Up with long-life milk (requiring no refrigeration until opened) that is made especially for dogs and cats. Feline Natural Cat Milk has the lactose removed and taurine added and the K9 Natural Dog Milk has the lactose removed. For that matter, you could just buy some lactose-free milk!

Weruva cat latte recipe 350w

Weruva suggests adding a spoonful of plain yogurt to the dog latte, which makes it even better for their health. For kitties, the added hydration is always a health benefit.

Either way, whipping up a bowl of Spiced Pumpkin Latte with ¼ cup lactose-free milk with a pouch of Pumpkin Patch Up is a great way to give your dog or cat a happy tummy.

—Tracie Hotchner

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