Separation Anxiety? Chill Out!

Back to school? Back to work? Dog feeling stressed that you are headed back out into the world after more than a year of having you around all the time during Covid?

It may be hard for us to adjust to whatever the “new normal” is, but let’s not forget the psychological effects on our dogs of coping with being left home alone and other daily changes as the world opens up again. Some dogs exhibit stress by panting, pacing, barking, whining, and/or obsessive licking. Other dogs show they are stressed with the opposite behavior—lethargy, a kind of depressed moping, just lying around.

Stress is an unhealthy state of mind for all beings — so avoiding or reducing stress is really important for overall wellness, for the immune system, and for any dog who already has a medical condition — like my blue Weimaraner, Maisie, who has Addison’s disease.

Kradle CBD to the rescue!

Not all pet CBD products are formulated with calmness in mind, which is why I chose Kradle as the CBD company for my own dogs. My anxious Wanda Weimaraner gets two Kradle Quick Calm Melts at the first sign of thunder and goes to her happy place to wait out the storm. Maisie can get all wound up in the evenings, so I give her a Chillers Relaxing Hard Chew to take the edge off her hyperness.

Separation Anxiety - Kradle chews Many pet CBD companies claim a laundry list of benefits for their products, which leaves me skeptical of how that could be true? It’s part of why I was cautious about working with a pet CBD company that made so many claims. I am dubious that one product could achieve so many emotional and physical outcomes! To my mind, the ability to calm dogs is the most valuable and reliable effect of CBD, and properly formulated CBD products like Kradle makes have “calming” as the targeted outcome .

Give a Chiller and Close the Door Behind You

If you know or suspect that your dog is suffering from separation anxiety — even if when you go out for dinner — why not offer a mellowing treat? If your dog gets a treat when you leave, she will associate your departure with something good happening. Then there will be the lasting effect of the Kradle products, which have been formulated with calmness as the desired effect.

When you go out for the day, you can minimize your own worry or guilt about your dog’s separation anxiety by giving her the comfort of a tasty Chiller chew — or even an “All Day Calming Bone,” which is a CBD chiller bar inside a rubber holder to make it a challenge and take longer to eat it.

Our lives must go on, but our dogs don’t have to suffer for it!

—Tracie Hotchner

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