Pet’s Appetite Have the Summer Blahs? Weruva is an “Amuse Bouche”

The heat this summer is pretty brutal around the world, but summertime is almost always hot and muggy. When the weather is like that, you and your pets may lose your appetite. If you have a dog or cat who isn’t interested in her food right now you might think, “That isn’t a terrible problem — she could stand to lose a few pounds!”

Wrong thinking!

A loss of appetite in a dog or cat who doesn’t want to eat is not a diet plan or a weight solution. [You know how people say they are glad they got a stomach bug or had to be in the hospital for a few days because they “lost weight”? Well, that’s pure foolishness and in any case, it’s not a way of thinking that should be applied to your pets.] The sensible, effective ways for both people and pets to lose weight are to ingest fewer “empty” calories, to reduce carbohydrates and increase physical activity — but we can save the nutrition tips for another day!)

Appetite problems? It is not healthy for any dog or cat to stop eating or eat very little. This is particularly true for dogs who are senior, very young, or have any medical condition. For cats they should not go even 24 hours without food, or it can be a medical emergency. In fact, you should call your vet if your dog or cat’s appetite suddenly decreases and you also have other symptoms like lethargy (more than just from the hot weather) or gastrointestinal symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, and/or drinking a lot more or less than usual.

Weruva customer testimonial But if your pet has simply become finicky, or disinterested in food, here’s a great little way to perk up their taste buds: put a can or pouch of Weruva food on top of what they usually eat. Think of it as what the French call an “amuse bouche,” which the chef might send to your table in a fancy restaurant to delight your taste buds and get your appetite perked up.

For a cat, I hope you’re already feeding Weruva or another high-quality wet cat food — but you still can use a change of pace to inspire their appetite. Now’s the time to break out some of the Weruva recipes that your kitty is not familiar with — and goodness knows there are dozens of different Weruva culinary creations! A new scent, a different texture can entice your pussycat to his dinner saucer.

For a dog, if you’re only feeding kibble all the time, please reconsider your choice! You can cut back on those highly processed carbohydrates and substitute wet food, whether homemade or from a can or pouch, for a meal that will be more delicious and more nutritious.

Once you realize the joy it gives your dog or cat to get surprise additions to their “same old” meals, I hope you’ll think more often to add real quality protein to their dish —  whether it’s “people food” like your protein leftovers, something you make for them — or some of Weruva’s high-quality, gently-processed recipes.


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