Kitty Food Snobs Love Pate – the Good Kind

The gourmets of the feline world appreciate texture in their food, while also expecting top-notch ingredients. Paté is generally a crowd-pleaser for many cats,  who seem to enjoy the smooth experience of pate on their rough tongues. However , the more discerning Feline Foodies like their paté “just so.”  Those food snobs don’t appreciate paté-style cat food that is like canned dog food: basically “mystery mush” from heavily cooked and ground up ingredients.  That may be all well and good for your average Wolf-it-Down Lucy Lab, but a picky cat wants better. She can tell when a paté is “done right” in a gourmet kitchen.

That’s where Weruva’s gentle handling of their paté comes in: their patérecipes are gently blended, like with an immersion blender. More like the way you would make human baby food or puree vegetables for yourself.  Weruva uses only a few simple, wholesome ingredients that are gently cooked and puréed together. You can literally see the difference in each recipe — and if your cat is a food snob, he can tell the difference, too!

Weruva pate flavors

Weruva’s pate comes in cans, but even nicer are their Slide N’ Serve pouches, where the pate slips right out of the pouch onto the dish in an elegant presentation with nothing left behind in the container. It might remind you of a real French pate in a restaurant, but don’t be tempted to put toast points and a cornichon gherkin pickle on the side. Your kitty cat will appreciate it just as it comes from the pouch, ungarnished.

The Weruva pates come in many recipes: chicken only, fish only, and mixed protein options. They all have funny names that are puns on TV shows like “Meal or No Meal” (chicken & beef), “Name ‘Dat Tuna” (tuna dinner), “The Slice is Right” (wild caught salmon dinner) or “Meal of Fortune” (chicken breast dinner with chicken liver).

If you have trouble making a decision, go for the variety pack which is the ultimate indulgence of your cat’s food snobbery! Hurray for paté!

—Tracie Hotchner

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