Kitty Cat Health Tip of the Month

Constipated Kitties are Cranky!

If you’ve ever been “stopped up” you know how lousy that can feel. It can be even more uncomfortable for your cat, and can even lead to serious health problems. This month’s Tips from Weruva are all going to be about this overlooked problem.

Unless you know your pussycat is constipated you can’t do anything about it! I will give you suggestions of how to alleviate constipation in the next posting, but mainly you need to know that once you rule out any serious medical issue, DEHYDRATION is the culprit in constipation. Dehydration starts by feeding dry food – “kitty crack” – which you know i have been preaching for years is an inappropriate food for obligate carnivores!


* No daily bowel movement

* Straining to defecate

* Crying out while passing stool ((dry, hard stool hurts!)

* Squatting in box for a long time before & after defecating

* Feces are hard little pieces

* Stool is black or bloody

* Vomiting

NOTE: My common sense advice is not intended to take the place of medical care. As with any health problem, always check first with your veterinarian for professional advice..

SPOILER ALERT: Feeding a high quality high-moisture-content wet food is the first line of defense. Yes, I always recommend Weruva because it is made from ingredients good enough for you to eat. Their Pumpkin Patch Up is a terrific addition to the food for kitties who are having trouble making a BM. And Weruva is personally owned by a family that personally cares about your kitty cat’s wellness.