My brother Tim’s little “step dog,” Shelby, is definitely in the top ten of “wicked cute” little canines. She is a delightful mix of who-knows-what-breeds. But boy oh boy, was that little dog from a rescue the world’s pickiest eater! She had her Mom Sarena (my brother’s partner) turned into a pretzel, trying to find anything the little gourmet would eat.

Shelby Puppy Lounging on Couch

Shelby Refused Every Imaginable Dog Food

Sarena saw all the glittery TV ads for fancy dog foods and bought one after the other, but Shelby turned her nose up at all attempts at feeding nutritionally balanced dog food of any kind.

It had come down to the old stand-by for demanding little dogs – rotisserie chicken meat, carefully hand pulled (which was what my godmother, Joan Rivers, used to feed to her very picky Pekingnese and Japanese Chin, despite my advocacy for a balanced diet).

Clearly just chicken on a plate was not a healthy diet for Shelby – which Tim and Sarena knew. They shared my worry about malnutrition setting in eventually. I urged them to try Evermore as a “last ditch” effort to get Shelby to eat better.

Try Evermore? What’s That?

Sarena had not heard of the small private company Evermore because they do not advertise anywhere. Other than word-of-mouth, the only promotion Evermore does is their sponsorship of DOG TALK, which I invited them to do specifically because their small company is privately owned by two women, who have not taken any money from Venture Capitalists. Wall Street investments in other fresh frozen dog food companies have allowed them to spend freely on fancy advertisements.

At Evermore, Hanna and Alison put all their resources into obsessively sourcing the organic humane ingredients in their foods. They keep their heads down and do what they set out to do, never changing course or selling out: They were “first to the party” 15 years ago in gently cooking foods that were shipped frozen to peoples’ doors. They have watched as newcomers to the niche have barreled in, although few (none?) are using all organic, completely human-edible ingredients.

Evermore to the Rescue

Darling little Shelby didn’t know about any of what goes on the pet food business, obviously. But when Sarena put down her dish with Evermore lamb in it, she didn’t raise her head until the plate was empty. The moral of the story? If you have a super picky dog, try Evermore (BTW I have to warm Maisie’s Evermore in the microwave for 30 seconds, talk about picky!) Even if your dog is a gourmand, and not a gourmet, try Evermore because of who they are and how they roll.