Happy 11th Birthday to the Evermore Girls

Alison and Hanna are simply enchanting — in their unwavering belief in making human-edible, cooked dog food delivered to customers without compromising anything. They are now in a niche part of the pet food field with half a dozen competitors, all of them with millions in venture capital behind them. It’s clear where a lot of that money is being spent: on glossy, costly advertisements running in print and on-screen. Many of the other foods are serving food that shows what compromise looks like, using inexpensive starches in the place of proteins, potatoes at “meat prices.”  I’ve tried other brands, which don’t even claim to source the humanely-raised organic ingredients the way Evermore does. I get it: that’s business, it’s the American way to build an image and brand and attract customers with pretty pictures and promises.

Among the many things the Evermore ladies have never done (like take investors’ money, or go on Shark Tank, and potentially compromise quality) is to advertise their shipped-to-your door high quality cooked food. Yet they joined the Dog Talk® family of companies who sponsor my efforts to inform and also entertain. They took a leap of faith and became sponsors, something they had never done before. This humbled me because I understood the seriousness of their decision.  They knew that pet nutrition is a passionate topic for me, and believed me when I said that my audience is discerning and equally passionate, trusting my judgment about the companies I invite to support the show.

In celebration of Evermore’s 11th birthday (and survival against all odds!) I’d like to remind you as consumers, and pet parents, that you have a choice in where you spend your money. I’d like to nudge you towards getting the value of the highest quality product for your dogs while supporting a gutsy, women-powered company.

Take a moment to read Hanna’s charming blog “11 years of failing forward” about the genesis of the 2-woman Evermore company — and the learning curve, costs and rewards of staying totally true to their vision.

Pictured: Alison and Hanna

Photo: Alison (left) and Hanna (right), about ten years younger/less wise

I love the caption of this photo that goes along with a blog that tells you everything you need to know about a pet food venture having true heart and soul.

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