I’ve always said that Weruva is my favorite cat food because it is made of human-edible ingredients in a human food facility, something they were the first to do, as far as I know. Weruva has spawned many imitators – which is the highest form of flattery, of course! – but I still say that being a privately owned pet company is what sets them apart, because it means personal attention to quality and detail without worrying about investors.

I did not know how popular Weruva dog food is, though! My sister’s little Brussels Griffons – Sprout and Leela – only eat Weruva because otherwise they get tipsy tummies with any other dog food. However, I’ve not talked much about Weruva’s dog foods because I figured they might be a bit pricey for most dog owners of medium to large pooches. Now I’m discovering that there is a contingent of Pitbulls (and maybe other breeds with sensitive skin?) who swear by the Weruva dog foods as the only ones that help clear up their skin issues. Many dogs have problems with chicken in pet food and I’ve heard veterinary nutritionists say it’s very hard to find any pet food without some amount of chicken lurking in it. Weruva swears by their shredded chicken breast in those recipes that have it, but their other foods are entirely free of it.

Pitties Give Cirque de la Mer 3 Paws Up

I got the following message on Facebook from Sue, who apparently knew that I am Weruva’s longest reigning cheerleader for kitties. She wrote, “Best food on the market for my two pitbulls who have terrible skin issues: Cirque de la Mer (tuna and veggies in pumpkin soup), and Marbella Paella (Mackerel and Pumpkin in aspic). Such rare finds with no chicken or other poultry products. As soon as we opened the cans we could see the difference!”

When I went to tell this lovely news to my friend David Forman, who personally owns Weruva, he was delighted but not surprised. “Awww…thanks for sharing,” he said. “Yup, from kitties to pitties.The more consumer events I attend, the more pitbulls I run into with skin and allergy issues. I love feeding them the big chunks of tuna right out of the cans of Cirque de la Mer. You crack the top off the can and the drooling begins in earnest!”