Celebrate Thanksgiving with a “Pumpkin Patch Up” Pet Pie

Thanksgiving is all about food. And family. We also know food = love for many of us! So if our pets are family — and we clearly love them — then here’s a way to include them in the deliciousness of Thanksgiving without giving them stomach upset by sharing the overly-rich foods that we eat (and often regret, lying around in a food coma after Thanksgiving dinner!)

Pumpkin Patch Up Pet Pie is ridiculously easy to make. It uses only four simple ingredients and takes only minutes to make. This is a fun project to do with children, who can help every step of the way (unlike with preparations for most of the human Thanksgiving food.) The kids can also be the waiters, presenting the pet with the goodies when it’s time.

This recipe idea is for anyone — you don’t need any baking skills to make it. The base is pouches of Pumpkin Patch Up, a Weruva product that I’ve long urged pet people to have on their shelves in case their cat or dog gets an upset stomach. If you don’t have any in your pantry yet, then pop out to any pet store and get a case [12 pouches] of Weruva’s Pumpkin Patch Up — it’s pure pumpkin puree, which is perfect for this Pet Pie. Then you’ll thank me later when you have those extra pouches for times of troubled tummies in the future.

Heat the oven to 350

Prepare the receptacle and pie base

Spray muffin tins or a pie plate with olive or canola oil.

If using a muffin tin, sprinkle a few plain Cheerios at the bottom of each tin.

If using a pie plate, cover the bottom with Cheerios or broken-up plain rice cakes.

Make the filling

Empty 4 pouches of Patch Up into a mixing bowl.

Break 2 eggs into the bowl and mix it up well.

Mix in ½  cup plain yogurt

[Optional: ½ tsp of ground ginger and/or ½ tsp cinnamon and/or ½ tsp turmeric]

Pour the mixture over the cheerios or rice cakes and bake for 15 minutes.

Cool and serve! Just because it’s healthy and delicious, give only a modest portion — you don’t want to give your pet too much of a good thing. Give a little each day of the holiday weekend

Happy Thanksgiving!

By the way, if you have a family ritual of going around the table to say what you’re thankful for, make sure you say your pet’s name out loud. They will be happy to hear it while they are licking up their Weruva Pumpkin Patch Up Pet Pie!

—Tracie Hotchner

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