When your fur kids reject your cooking

Now I know how moms of human children feel when they make lovely nutritious food which the kids leave on their plates.

Such has become my predicament. Along with their Halo kibble my girls Maisie and Wanda get two scoops of home made food because I’ve always said there should be less processed “real” food to accompany the balanced nutrition and feeling of fullness of dry food.  Making that medley of good fresh food takes time, but those big beautiful Weimaraner gals deserve the goodness of human  food for their health — and my  maternal feeling of satisfaction! I fill a huge pasta pot with ground chicken, ground turkey, string beans, quinoa, and carrots.  I wait for the poultry to go on sale, I buy frozen French cut string beans (which cook better) and shred the carrots and boil it all up. After it cools slightly I freeze containers of it which I then defrost as needed.

They liked it just fine but wouldn’t always clean their bowls.

Things changed when they got a whiff of Halo’s Spot’s Stew in a can. I had bought it when my old Collie mix Jazzy was declining at the end of her life and I splurged and gave here the canned food only which she snarfed right down. It was such a relief when an ailing old lady’s appetite was “cured” with salmon Spots Stew!

But then the young Weims realized something much yummier was happening on the other side of the kitchen floor! They tapped their big paws and had their version of a sit down strike until I substituted that fragrant vegetable-rich stew for the costly and time consuming concoction I had been whipping up for years (and am frankly delighted to have off my To Do list!)

—Tracie Hotchner

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photo credit: Daisy via photopin (license)