Do Missed Chemo Treatments Lower Success Rates

#2071: Missed treatments of chemotherapy: does that affect the chance for success at getting cancer into remission? Lisa from North Carolina calls about Ruger, her 6-1/2-year-old pitbull/boxer mix with stage 4 lymphoma, who is on chemo with the UWM CHOP protocol. She’s worried because she had to miss a treatment because of his low blood counts — and asks how this will affect his outcome. Dr. Sue explains what the white cell count means and whether skipping a treatment is a problem. Also, Ruger is losing weight and he is Lisa’s first dog and she is “beyond heartbroken.” Dr. Sue and Tracie recommend a lightly processed whole food — preferably human quality food like The Honest Kitchen — and to also give her boy any actual “people food” that she wants to feed him.