Please join me at the DOG FILM FESTIVAL as a Founding Member

The first annual Dog Film Festival is coming to New York City October 2nd and 3rd and I hope everyone who loves dogs and wants to experience that feeling among like-minded people will consider supporting this unique event by buying a Founding Member ticket. The short films are a medley of diverse film-making styles from around the world, celebrating the human-canine bond in ways I guarantee will amaze, amuse and move you.

October seems a long way off right now, but many of my radio listeners have already bought tickets so I want to make sure everyone else knows there are less than half of the tickets left. Only Founding Members can come to the gala premiere dog-friendly Pooch Party — a cocktail party on Friday October 2nd at Ruby & Jack’s Doggy Shack on the Upper East side. From 6 to 8 PM there will be photographers on the Green Carpet step-and-repeat, sketch artists and the Westminster dog show animal psychic flying in to give Founding Members insight into what their dog is thinking! You can meet and ask questions of celebrity dog trainer Andrea Arden, some of my veterinary radio show co-hosts, and hang out with me while enjoying cocktails and finger food for people and for dogs. You’ll go home with the Dog Film Festival doggy swag bags worth well over $100 — with 2 lbs. of The Honest Kitchen food, a box of Wagatha’s “Kitchen Sink” organic, kosher, human-edible biscuits, Nordic Naturals omega-3 oil for you and your dog, Activphy joint supplement, John Paul Pet shampoo, Chloe’s Treats (human-edible cricket flour biscuits), CanineActiv all-natural pain reliever and the Jim Dratfield photo poster for the Festival.

Most importantly, you’ll receive an “all access dog tag” for the theater, with unlimited access to the roped-off VIP center orchestra and aisle seats throughout the day and evening of October 3rd at the beautiful Symphony Space theater on the Upper West side.

The films will be compiled into two completely different medleys of films, each screening consisting of a medley of extraordinary short dog-themed films (1 to 30 minutes) that are animated, narrative or documentaries. Screening #1 shows at 11 AM and is repeated at 2 PM; Screening #2 will be at 5 PM and repeated at 8 PM, giving plenty of leeway for Founding Member to be able to catch both screenings whenever they want.

Here’s a little taste of what you can expect: Watch the Dog Film Festival trailer.

I personally guarantee that you will have a fabulous time and it would be delightful for me to see you there. If getting a ticket to the Pooch Party and VIP seating sound intriguing (tickets are $150 a person), you can buy tickets with a CLICK right here. Please feel free to buy regular $25 seats for the screenings instead if you prefer (they are numbered and reserved so you want to get those ASAP too), but Founding Members are assured of the most prime seating without waiting on line.

I really hope you’ll be able to join me in at a very special occasion!

—Tracie Hotchner


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