The Kids (Jordan, Skylar, Dino, Sable)

Here’s a picture of the kids, Jordan, Skylar (newest rescue just turned 1-year-old) Dino my redhead and Sable (my rescue, actually foster failure from As Good as Gold Golden Retriever Rescue)

Pack of Gold

A puppy goes from wired to winsome—and finds her forever family.

I would like to share a happy rescue story from my friend and colleague Jennifer Erdman, who co-founded Ewegurt, the company that makes healthy dog treats from sheep’s milk, which has natural relaxant properties that reduce anxiety. Good news for stressed-out dogs!

Jennifer developed these treats to help her Golden Retriever Dino, who suffered from grand mal seizures exacerbated by stress. She saw a post on Facebook depicting Skyler, a sad splay-legged five-month-old puppy with issues. Poor Sky had started life with giardia, then contracted a urinary tract infection, and then got a corneal ulcer and had become a self-defensive biter. Jennifer established contact with Sky’s family, charting her progress. When they decided to re-home her, Jennifer jumped at the opportunity to add this sweet golden to her pack of three Golden Retrievers: Dino, now 8 years old, Jordan, the three-year-old wild child, and Sable, the nine-year-old foster dog-turned-adoptee.

Along with her partner, Ewegurt co-founder Dorene Cain, Jennifer drove from her home in Chicago to Las Vegas, breezing through 10 states in seven days. The pair met Sky in Pahrump, a Nevada town that is about seven miles from Death Valley. At first, Sky panicked and peed all over! But Jennifer patiently took the time to alleviate her anxiety.

Long story short, they made the road trip home safely, and Sky hit it off with her new siblings! With loving, patient care—and thoughtfully applied nutrition—Sky is thriving in her new Chicago digs.  And all this explains why Jennifer calls herself a “stay-at-home Mom for a pack of four.”

I am so excited to be bringing the Dog Film Festival to Chicago on September 11. I can’t wait to meet Sky—and the rest of Jennifer’s pack.

—Tracie Hotchner

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