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Do You Love Your Dog? Want the Longest Healthiest Life for Her? READ THIS!

I beg you to (finally!) follow my preaching — and my “practice” for myself and my dogs — and get Omega-3 oils into your dog’s diet!

If you’ve been listening to me for years on the radio — reading my blogs — listening to my interviews with leading veterinary and nutrition experts — you won’t be surprised that I am telling you one more time that omega-3 fatty acids are the cornerstone of good health. If you have a copy of  The Dog Bible: Everything Your Dog Wants You to Know you’ll read that your dog wants you to know she’ll be healthiest with omega-3 supplementation throughout her life!

Omega-3 fatty acids are lacking in everybody’s diets and bodies and that means you, your kids, your grandparents and your dogs! For now, let’s concentrate on the canines — since most of you feed them better and are more attentive to their well-being than your very own! You need to give your pooch an omega-3 oil  supplement every single day, no matter what you are feeding her.

It is now widely agreed in medical circles that inflammation is at the root (on a cellular basis) of all disorders — from allergies to cancer to arthritis to digestive issues. Almost anything that can go wrong in the body can be prevented at least in part by keeping down inflammation to begin with — or once there are physical symptoms by “dousing the fire” of inflammation. Experts in human and animal  health agree that with omega-3 supplementation is vital to overall wellness and prevention of diseases and illness.

A cautionary note: not all omega-3’s are created equal, and I strongly advise you to avoid any products sold under their own labels in drugstore chains or big box stores with capsules called “fish oil” — what is really in them, and its condition, are to be viewed with omega-3 fish oil products that are high quality, you get what you pay for — there’s no way to cut corners and still emerge with a stable, fresh, effective product. If you’re not going to get a top brand then its honestly better not to give your dog anything in this category!

Now’s a great time to jump on the chance to get a special deal on a truly fine omega-3 oil — Moxxor Omega-3 from New Zealand, which I have welcomed as a sponsor on the Radio Pet Lady Network. While you’re at it, why not just click on that page and get some high quality omega-3 from Moxxor Omega-3 right now with a discount using RadioPetLady as your discount code?

And if you’re feeling lucky today, enter the Moxxor Good Health competition to win a month’s supply of their lovely little capsules.

If you need more convincing, on my radio network there are a multitude of conversations I’ve had over the years about omega-3 supplements — most recently on Holistic Vets with the owner of the Moxxor-Omega-3 company, John Turner “Creating a Super Premium Omega-3 Supplement;” Dr. Mike Petty on the same show  “Diet, Supplements to Reduce Dogs’ Arthritic Pain;” Marcy Pratt on GOOD DOGS! “Three Supplements Every Dog Needs Every Day;” Dr. Patrick Mahaney on Holistic Vets “Holistic Care of the Cancer Patient;” the list goes on and on.

Very soon you’ll hear me interviewing nutrition expert Dr. Donna Raditic on “Dog Talk” about her article in The Bark magazine in which she explains her OMG formula for good health — with the “‘O’ being the #1 most important: for “omega 3 oils!”

So what are you waiting for? Make my day and get with the program! Prevent and maintain good health for your dog with omega-3 fish oil (if you have any love left over, get some for yourself, too!).

—Tracie Hotchner
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