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Can You Love Both Cats and Birds!?

There’s a quiet little war going on between the cats allowed outdoors and the birds and their nests which the cats disturb or destroy.

There’s also a philosophical (and sometimes actual) battle going on between bird-lovers who want no domestic cats to be allowed outdoors and cat owners who let their cats roam either full time or part time.

There are actually many safety reasons for cats to be kept indoors — cars, other cats that have disease or are aggressive, wild predators, dogs, etc. But there are people who believe their cats’ quality of a more natural life outdoors is worth take those risks — and in some settings these dangers are lower.

But the birds are always going to be in jeopardy from our kitties, who have a powerful inner drive to catch small prey.  When their victims are mice or rats or moles most of us are not overly bothered, but when wild birds’ nests are destroyed and birds of all ages are killed, it can be distressing for the cat owners, not just those who oppose their cats’ freedom.

A friend told me about the Birds Be Safe collar that can solve this problem.  I immediately sent one to my friend Yvette in California, who adores her safely-fenced cat but she also adores wild birds, to which the cat get access through trees on the property.

This  collar is terrific hope it will bring peace between the two species (and between the two factions of humans!) and save birds’ lives, while allowing the kitty cats have some freedom.

Training tip: When you first put one of these collars on your kitty offer her some Halo Liv-a-Little freeze-dried protein treats. It will be a positive association for your cat- and the name is just too perfect for the occasion!

—Tracie Hotchner
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