Buy a Dog Treat, Help a Teen Save his Own Life

Tune in to this week’s DOG TALK and listen to my conversation with Kathy Hooks, the Employment Director of Daybreak — a nonprofit organization that provides emergency shelter, outreach programs, and transitional housing to youth who are experiencing homelessness in Dayton, Ohio.  Daybreak’s own bakery, Lindy & Company, employs these young adults to produce healthy dog treats and support the services available to them through Daybreak. These teens, who have lost their homes due to a variety of unfortunate circumstances, learn a trade while 100% of the proceeds goes toward sheltering more than 500 young adults like themselves, who have been out on the street.

Please consider purchasing these gourmet treats with flavors like Peanut Butter Bacon, which supports this remarkable organization and the life-saving services it offers.

Dog Talk, November 5, 2016:

—Tracie Hotchner
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