Dr. Donna Spector is my co-host on our radio show The Expert Vet and she’s also the veterinary consultant for Halo pet foods, which makes the kibble I feed my own pair of canines. We’re looking for a lucky dog who is getting chubby and his people want to help him get back to his teenage physique!

As part of our show, we’ve been conducting the Halo Healthy Weight Challenge for more than a year now, and we have helped so many devoted dog owners to slim down their chubby pups with the meticulous calorie-counting and weekly support of Dr. Donna (a priceless resource!) plus three months of complimentary Halo dry and canned food for their pooch.

Here’s what you need to be a contestant:

1) A dog you know is overweight (and you also know you’ve been in denial about it but now the “love handles” are beginning to be too prominent to ignore!)

2) You’re willing to take a pair of photos of your dog now and fill in Dr. Donna’s detailed questionnaire about absolutely everything your dog is ingesting in a day so she can calculate how many calories (too many!) are currently going down the hatch.

3) You’ve got the discipline to follow her instructions to the letter once Dr. Donna calculates how much you should be feeding of the Halo kibble and Spots Stew canned food she’ll have delivered to your door.

4) You won’t cheat with treats and will give only the raw veggies and other snacks she recommends.

5) You’re willing to take your dog to the vet every week for the 3 months and report back on his weight to Dr. Donna so she can help adjust the feeding if necessary but also give you lots of support and encouragement.

6) You’ll take 2 “after” pictures to show the power of positive thinking and how your dog has slimmed down with the rare privilege of having Dr. Donna’s guidance and some of the tastiest premium food your dog has ever had.

Dr. Donna and I cannot wait to meet you and rock your dog’s world with super premium food, give you the chance to protect your dog’s health and possibly extend his life (obesity is a leading cause of many canine medical woes) by guiding you through a weight loss regimen that will “put the puppy back in your pup” —  because nobody feels their best when they are chubby.

Please write me to RadioPetLady@gmail.com and tell us how your pup needs our help!

—Tracie Hotchner

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