Shaggy girl, too hot!

Shaggy girl, too hot!

Pearl ♥ Petco

{Guest Post by Kristy D}

Two things happened: I met the loves of my life—Dan and his dogs—and I got a great job working for Tracie Hotchner, founder of the Dog Film Festival.

When Dan and I first started dating, he adopted his third dog, an Australian-shepherd mix puppy named Pearl from the shelter where he volunteered.

Pearl was like me, the new girl looking for home. She is now a two-year old, basil-huffing weirdo who would marry every stranger. She claims the bed, listens selectively—and groans. She is my crack. I could smoke her forever.

When I began working for Tracie, I heard about Petco Foundation, which made it possible via a grant to launch the Dog Film Festival in 12 cities across the country. Cool company. I started shopping there.

With her sleek new hairdo, she’s ready to roll

With her sleek new hairdo, she’s ready to roll

Pearl now has a Petco tag, Petco toys, Petco treats… lots of booty!

I like going there: it’s relaxing to look at the stuff, which is what I was doing when I noticed the Petco dog groomers behind an in-store window.

Pearl’s activity level is like that of a wet Gremlin. Poor shaggy girl was feeling the summer heat. Haircut! Her first.

I was so nervous. People talk about helicopter parenting… I was at the window watching Pearl get her haircut the whole time!

It was fun, though. And Petco is rad. The dude at the front register greeted us with “Hi, who’s this?” Pearl!

By the time we left, everyone was calling her by her name. Pearl loves going places.

I now understand how parents feel about bringing their kids to Disneyland. When Pearl walked in Petco and saw the giant bin of tennis balls—she looked at me like, OH MY GOD. She was on her best behavior.

Despite my worries, Pearl handled grooming like a pro. She raised her paw when touched… a thoroughbred ready for new shoes.

With her new summer hairdo, she is a speed demon. We will be back before long… because momma loves Petco and so does her Pearl!
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